Aqua Lung Osprey Breathable Water Rescue Drysuit

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The OSPREY is a long duration breathable drysuit designed for
swiftwater, flood, and other water rescue missions. The unique design
of the OSPREY allows for a comfortable stand-by mode while still
offering critical protection in unpredictable environments.
Key Features
• Patented, true self-entry featuring Captive Zip Design
(Pat.# 10,093,401)
• Patented adjustable full circumference neoprene neck seal
(Pat. #9,714,074)
• Superior fit and comfort assisted by pre-shaped legs and torso
• Comfortable standby mode design with highly flexible TIZIP
• Saltwater resistant waterproof breathable material
• Attached over jacket for fully donned or standby mode
• Anti-flush wader belt located under jacket
• Reinforced padded elbows, knees/shins, and seat
• Neoprene wrist seals, gauntlet overlays, hook & loop cinches
• Lower leg boot gauntlets with hook & loop cinches
• Zippered chest pocket
• Relief/comfort zipper
• Attached soft dry socks (ideal for use with EVO4 Boots)
• Loop shoulder panels for adhering patches
• High visibility red top, black bottom and reflective patches
• Accessories - zipper lube and Instruction Manual
Specification - Material
• Breathable/waterproof 3-layer material comprising:
• Outer: 200 denier nylon, durable, water repellent
• Core: breathable, salt water resistant polyurethane
• Inner: protective 18 denier nylon
• Neoprene wrist seals
• 420 denier nylon reinforced elbows, knees/shins, and seat