Intrepid Maritime

2022 Rescue Boat Symposium

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Welcome to our first annual Rescue Boat Symposium: a direct response to the many requests over the years for more advanced training opportunities, beyond our certification training. The Payette River corridor in Banks, Idaho, offers access to the legendary North Fork and direct launch access below the confluence for motorized IRB operations. We have partnered with personnel from Eagle Fire Dept, who are experience driver guides and paddlers, to offer this intensive water rescue symposium.  

This event will provide attendees real world swiftwater rescue and river navigation scenarios and ample operational time, in natural river flows above Class 3, aboard our fleet of IRBs. Whether you are looking to recertify your swiftwater and rescue boat skills or just want an opportunity in which to hone your skillsets, this event will provide an immersive experience for the water rescue professional.    **Skills will meet Job Performance Requirements per NFPA for Recertification**

Event Location: Banks, Idaho

Travel Information: Boise, Idaho

Arrival Airport:  Boise - BOI

Registration will be Limited to 24 attendees.  

Lunch will be provided each day. 

Transportation to and from the training areas will be provided each day, with pickup and drop off at hotel.

Required PPE:

* Helmet

* Live Bait Type V PFD w/ whistle and knife

* Wetsuit or Drysuit

* Water Shoes

* Gloves